If you are looking to grow in your faith, here are a few next steps for you.


Identify where you are on the Spiritual Continuum

Which description best describes you?

  • Exploring Christ: I believe in God, but I’m not sure about Christ. My faith isn’t a significant part of my life.
  • Growing in Christ: I believe in Jesus and I am working on what it means to get to know him.
  • Close to Christ: I feel really close to Christ and depend on him daily for guidance.
  • Christ-centered: My relationship with Jesus is the most important relationship in my life.  It guides me in everything I do.


Explore church activities that help your spiritual growth.

1st Movement: Move from Exploring Christ to Growing in Christ

  • Attend Sunday worship
  • Join a small group
  • Serve the church

2nd Movement: Move from Growing in Christ to Being Close to Christ

  • Continue to attend Sunday worship; however, major growth will come as you:
  • Serve those in need through the church
  • Serve in the church
  • Participate in adult faith formation classes focused on spiritual growth
  • Meet with small groups

3rd Movement: Moving from Being Close to Christ to Being Christ-Centered

  • Continue to nourish your spirit through Sunday worship, meeting with small groups, and serving the church; however, major growth will come as you:
  • Serve those in need through the church
  • Attend an “additional” teaching/worship service

Here are some ways you can further your spiritual growth.

GROW by worshiping weekly (Worship)

  • Sunday morning services and special services with various styles for all ages (Chapel and Sanctuary Traditional Services, The Neighborhood, Children’s Church, Ash Wednesday, Christmas Eve, etc.)
  • Music ministries (congregational hymns, choirs for adults, youth, and children, special music offerings)
  • Learning spiritual practices (Lenten series, Advent series, Stewardship series, Prayer Vigils)

KNOW by studying regularly (Faith Formation)

  • Weekly Bible study (Small group studies, Sheri Sutton’s Bible Studies, Through the Bible/New Testament in a Year)
  • Sunday morning groups and classes for all ages (life-stage faith application and topical studies)
  • Adult Forums and Pastor’s Class.
  • Small group ministries (Disciple Women’s Ministries, Christian Men’s Fellowship, Youth fellowships, etc.)

GO by serving consistently (Service)

  • Local mission work and support (Coats for Kids, MSU Food Pantry, Thanksgiving Baskets, Interfaith Outreach, Common Ground Recovery Ministries, Christian Church in the Southwest, etc.)
  • Global mission work and support (Juliette Fowler Communities, Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries, Disciples Mission Fund, etc.)
  • Weekly tithes, offerings and periodic special offerings
  • Children Come First, Young Ages School, VBS
  • Sharing the FCC Campus and Resources
  • Care ministries (Prayer Ministry, Shepherding, Elders Homebound Ministry, etc.)

SHOW the peace of Christ everyday

What happens on Sundays ought to change us Monday through Saturday.


Take Action!

  • Commit yourself to attending Sunday worship
  • Commit yourself to joining a small group
  • Commit yourself to serving the church in some capacity

Our Measures of Effectiveness

How am I

  • Growing my faith through daily spiritual practice?
  • Strengthening my faith through weekly church involvement?
  • Modeling my faith through joyful service and generosity?
  • Sharing my faith through intentional investment in others?
  • Living my faith through the consistent pursuit of peace?