Traditionally, Disciples of Christ have been independent thinkers who question, reason and prayerfully study to grow and understand, for themselves, the truth, wisdom, and will of God. Libraries have been important to our churches. Our library’s primary purpose is to provide worship helps, inspirational reading, and teaching resources to foster the spiritual growth of our members, and to enrich the program of the church. The Library, under the guidance of the Education Department, works within the Mission and Vision Statements of First Christian Church.

We ordinarily read for one of three reasons: for inspiration, for information, or for enjoyment. At First Christian we try to provide materials that meet all three criteria in an attractive, inviting, comfortable environment where we may come, anytime the church is open, to borrow, browse, read, meditate, or simply relax.

Approximately half of our library books are in the 200’s, the religion section, including Bible and aids to studying the Bible, Prayer, Meditations, Devotions, Sermons, Missions, Grief/Bereavement, Worship, Christian Education, Stewardship, Spiritual Life, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), as well as other denominations, religions and cults.

We also have a wide range of other inspirational books including Fiction, Biography, History, Self-Help, Humor, (Grand)parenting, Mental/Physical Illness, Psychology, Cookbooks, Gardening, and an extensive section of Children’s books. Local authors, periodicals, large print and banned books can be found in our collection. We also now have computer/internet capabilities along with other non-print media, including audio/video tapes and DVDs.

Library materials are purchased with money given in honor or in memory of friends and loved ones.

We are always eager to find the right book for the right person, and hope you will never hesitate to ask for assistance or make suggestions or volunteer.

Come to the library (near the church office), turn on the lights and air and make yourself comfortable.