At First Christian Church, we believe there are five particular attributes in your life that best portray a faithful and maturing disciple of Jesus Christ. These attributes are described in the form of five questions:

  • Am I growing my faith through daily spiritual practices?
  • Am I strengthening my faith through weekly church involvement?
  • Am I sharing my faith through intentional investment in others?
  • Am I living my faith through the consistent pursuit of peace?
  • Am I modeling my faith through joyful service and generosity?

A Christian who grows, strengthens, shares, lives, and models his or her faith is the kind of Christian we are working to produce through the ministries of First Christian Church. But for the church to cultivate this bold picture of a disciple, it takes commitment.  It takes your commitment to regular spiritual growth and church involvement.  It takes your commitment to engaging with others for the long term.  It takes your commitment to moving away from division and to moving towards peace.  And it takes your commitment to serving others and being generous with your resources.

To help you with your commitment to joyful generosity and to help the church’s leadership plan ministries that will further our mission, you are invited to complete this online Estimate of Giving card for 2022.


With a grateful heart for God's boundless generosity and as an expression of my/our Christian stewardship, I/we make this commitment to Christ's church and the ministry of First Christian Church for 2022.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tina Williams, Financial Secretary, at 940.692.2282 or